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High-yield multicrystalline modules for low-cost solar power

A high-yield photovoltaic module made of multicrystalline PERC solar cells, which is used to achieve electricity costs of 6 cents per kilowatt-hour in solar parks in Germany, is the goal of the AdmMo project. Five industrial partners and four research institutes are working on this project to make solar power more favorable.

By consistently developing existing technologies along the entire production process, a module is to be developed that reduces the electricity production costs by 40 percent compared to previously used modules. For this, the efficiency of the cells should be increased to more than 20 percent and the rated power of a 60-cell module to more than 310 Watt.

At the same time, the research group is investigating the production costs of the cells: the cells should be significantly cheaper to produce by means of material savings in the electrode pressure on the front of the solar cells and a productivity increase in the back passivation and local contact generation. The quality targets are also high: the solar modules produced in this way should reach a service life of 30 years.