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Optimized photovoltaic systems improve and cheapen solar power production

In recent years, solar power generation has already become more and more affordable. Even the solar power produced by small pv systems is only half as expensive as the power from the grid. But in order to make the photovoltaics independent of subsidies, a further reduction in solar electricity production costs is necessary.

The aim of the research group is to further reduce the electricity production costs of photovoltaic systems for private households. This is due to the fact that even more favorable photovoltaic systems are characterized by a higher current yield and a longer service life. The overall system is optimized for this purpose: Building on a high-efficiency cell, an improved modular concept in a site- and application-adapted rack system results in lower investment costs and at the same time higher energy yields. The electricity harvest is growing, the photovoltaic system is even more durable.

In order to maximize photovoltaic power consumption, the solar system is expanded by adapted intelligent storage and load management concepts.