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Improved system technology for photovoltaic systems

The core of a photovoltaic system is the inverter. It converts the direct current generated by the solar systems into grid-compatible alternating current. However, the requirement profile for modern inverter technology is significantly greater than the simple conversion of the generated electricity. The LeiKoBa research project focuses on system technology for photovoltaic systems, which can be used both for stand-alone solar power systems and for PV systems in the grid network. The research objective is the significant increase in the functionality of this power electronics while at the same time reducing costs. Further adjustment screws are the increase in reliability and service life.

The project partners are fundamentally developing new power electronics modules for non-subsidized, self-supporting PV hybrid systems with inverters from grid-connected systems via self-consumption systems to hybrid systems with and without a battery. For these complex multi-source applications, control strategies are developed and concepts for efficient implementation are developed. On the basis of extensive simulations of topologies, the best possible development basis is systematically analyzed. In addition, the core development for hardware and software as well as the housing development are on the agenda.