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Zukunftskraftwerk PV


Photovoltaic hybrid power plants supply grid services and take over tasks of conventional power plants

Up to now, the main challenge for photovoltaic systems on a power scale has been to produce cheap and clean electricity. Network services such as frequency regulation, voltage regulation and black-start capability are traditionally provided by fossil power plants. However, with the transition from conventional power plants to renewable energy, more and more coal and nuclear power plants will be switched of. The joint research project “Zukunftskraftwerk Photovoltaik” (future power plant PV) will show how innovative photovoltaic hybrid power plants can compensate conventional power plants, so that the grid stability can be guaranteed exclusively with renewable power. The eight partners of the group – six companies and two research facilities – are developing comprehensive technical solutions to improve inverters as well as other components for the extended requirements.

In addition, innovative possibilities for cost savings in all areas of PV power plants are to be researched and developed in order to make the solar power generation even more favorable so that it can be operated economically in the medium term despite declining remuneration. This is intended to applications in Germany and abroad, with the functions of network stabilization and parallel operation with diesel generators being a key factor in countries outside europe.

In view of the total lifetime of photovoltaic power plants, the project partners develop analyzes to reduce errors and failures as well as solutions for new service and maintenance equipment.